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Free Info for Hawaii Beach Weddings

Getting married on the sand in Hawaii is a fantastic way to celebrate your day !

Here is some free information for everyone about having a wedding on the beach in Hawaii. Hawaii has unique rules for beach weddings !

Here are the main things you should know if you are considering a wedding on the beach v.s. renting a wedding venue.

  1. You are required to have a wedding liability insurance policy and a beach permit. At Mango Weddings, we provide both in every beach package!

  2. The State of Hawaii Maximum size for a beach wedding is 30 people including your vendors. You should rent a venue if you have more than 26 people coming to Hawaii for your wedding.

  3. Amplification of sound and food are not allowed at beach weddings.

  4. Seating is allowed. You should be aware that this seating can not block other beach goers or block paths.

  5. The beach is a public space. It's important to realize that you should not ask other people to move to accommodate your wedding. Most people are courteous and give wedding parties space. I hope these quick tips will help you figure out if a beach event is right for you!

    ~ Amanda

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