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Mahalo for viewing the wedding plan guide for events with 25-75 guests!

We like to be up front about all pricing and we don't want you to get overwhelmed with too many decisions at once. We will need your wedding date and guest count to start working together.

WEEK 1 - $140-$290, Venue Selection


If you have a higher budget for your venue, we can provide options up to the $3500 range, (we normally keep the venue fee in the $999-$2500 range, unless you advise us to go higher.)

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WEEK 2 - $140-$215, Officiant Selection

We have a network of fantastic officiants.

Your officiant fee will be $200 if you use officiants within our network.

WEEK 3 - $140-$215, Photographer Selection

We consider photography to be a very important part of the wedding!

Our photography network will offer you a great price on their services. Our main photographers (you'll get two choices) charge $300 - $340 per hour and we recommend a minimum of 2-3 hours. We also have 1-2 photographers outside our main network priced at $450-$500 per hour.

We can also include these shooters as options if you would like us to. During this week, we will select the photographer and get the contract completed with them.

WEEK 4 - $140-$215, Detailed Day of: Wedding Schedule

During week 4, we will begin placing the main vendors (location, photographer, officiant) on a detailed day of wedding schedule. You will be able to see how everything will line up on your wedding day!
This is the schedule we will use as we book the additional vendors.

WEEK 5 - Florist Selection $140-$290, exact price determined by YOUR budget and items needed !

We will discuss what floral items you'd like to have and your budget.

Our florist partner charges estimates of $20 per flower lei, $30 per Groom's Lei, $100 range for Bridesmaids' Bouquets, and $150 - $200 range for a Bridal Bouquet.

If you have the budget for more floral items, we will get you an estimate for your ideas, review the floral contract, and book the florist for the day.

WEEK 6 - $100-$250, Catering

We will begin your catering contract during this week. We will review your per person budget and suggest 2-3 catering options.

Your caterer will go over the price per person with you.

Keep in mind, that buffet style catering is much more economical than plated dinner catering. The best deals on catering tend to be between Monday- Thursday and we will get you this information !

WEEK 7/8 - $100-$250 The FUN stuff ( other decor peices, limo, makeup/hair ).

Do you need Limo Service? We have it available from $99 per hour!

Do you need hair and makeup referred? Our artist is $240 for bridal / hair / lashes makeup. Additional faces are $200-$210.

Would you like live music? We have musicians from $199.

Do you have other decor ideas you'd like to add? We will get your a quote from our rental team !

WEEK 9 - No charge.

Full Review of all vendors we have reserved and a day of: schedule update for your wedding file!

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