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Calendar for Mango Weddings

April 2017 weddings
    April 2 - booked
    April 8 - booked
    Apr. 15 - booked

May 2017 weddings
    May 3 booked, Kauai
    May 11 booked
    May 17 booked, Kauai
    May 18 booked, Wylie and Annie , Heeia Oahu
    May 27 - booked
* Please note that our usual vendors ( who offers us the great wholesale pricing you see on this site are now fully booked for May )! We may be able to help with *one* more May wedding but bringing in outside vendors can increase the package price by 15 % - 30%

June 2017 weddings
    June 3 booked, Kauai
    June 12 booked, Oahu
    June 20 booked

July 2017 weddings
    July 6 booked
    July 10 booked
    July 17 booked

* In July, we have ONE more reservation left at the beach wedding package rates on this website!

Having a BEACH WEDDING ? Keep in mind we HIGHLY recommend doing your event Monday - Friday if your group is traveling into Hawaii. The beaches are more secluded during the week and this ideal for wedding photography.

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